Monday, September 17, 2007

Christmas is Coming!

I decided to start working on my glass jars for Christmas today. I am doing the glass etching and then will fill with homemade candy. I figure if I start now, I just have to do 1 or 2 a week and will have enough by Christmas =-) You can find the instructions here. I have done a couple jars before, and I have a couple tips that I noticed helped this time. 1. Use your embossing buddy!! It really helps. (I got mine at Archiver's). 2. I used the Stampin' Up Clear Embossing Powder and it came off so much easier than the non-Stampin' Up brand I used last time. I am all for saving a buck, but the last jar I did took me at least 5 times as long to scrap the embossing powder off (of course, it could have been something I did like not heating it enough...who knows?) If you are doing multiple jars at once, that's great, but do not pour the etching cream on one jar while holding said jar over another jar you are working on (does that make sense?). Yes I did this and I know that it should have been obvious, but at least I learned for next time! Ha Ha! The etching cream does work instantly, so if you mess up, there is no way to fix it, at least that I know of. The picture above is the top of the jar. The other picture is the whole jar. The picture does not do it justice, these are really hard to photograph! I used the Holiday Tag Team stamp set, specifically the Santa, snowman, and tree (one on each side of the jar). The other jar I did (no picture taken) I also used the snowflake and the candy canes. I really like these jars because they are not too curvy, very easy to get the image on. I bought them at Flower Factory for $0.79, I think...not very expensive at all!


Bee said...
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Bee said...

Waow, those are cool! It seems kind of time consumming though? :-0

I love finding all those ideas for the holidays!
I really loved the tutorial for candles at Gina K.'s blog :

Bee said...

I'm sorry I can't get the link to work..... :-(

Linda McClain said...

Wow, how gorgeous!