Saturday, December 13, 2008

The 12 Days of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to me! I joined a fun swap this year with some of the wonderful ladies I met at convention. We met because we all had this little swapping addiction, but we have continued to talk and are becoming great friends. So we are doing a Secret Elf Swap. Each day we get to open a new gift and on the last day we learn who sent us the gifts. How fun is that?

Here is what my Secret Elf sent me:

The Scrapbook Case is my first gift and then she put all the rest of my gifts inside. I can't wait to open them all! I'm going to wait, but it is really going to be hard!!

The funny thing is I was going to buy one of these last weekend and I decided to wait until after Christmas to see if I could get it on sale! How cool is that?

Our little group is a very talented bunch of ladies. I always look forward to seeing anything they create. This swap could be items purchased or made.

My second gift was a tic tac holder:

Isn't it just so cute?! I only have to wait about 8 more hours to open another one! yay!


Amy said...

Oh, the Tic Tac holder is adorable! Way to go, Elfie!

Anonymous said...

Super cute Tic Tac holder and the scrap box is a great idea. Way to go Secret Elf.