Monday, October 1, 2007

Stamping on Titles!

I decided to try my hand at stamping on tiles! I found the tutorial on SCS (link), however, I did bake the tiles at 350 for 10 minutes after stamping with staz on and another 10 minutes after coloring the tiles. I also sealed it with Clear Acrylic Sealer. I bought the tiles at Lowe's for 32 cents each. They turned out great!

I used French Script as a background and Touch of Nature on top. The palm tree is a non-SU stamp I found on eBay. I colored the stamps using Stampin' Up! Pastels. I made a set using colored sharpies as well, but I thought the color was too bright. I ended up making 5 sets as Christmas gifts. This was very easy to do, if you use the sealer, just be sure to spray 10-12 inches away from the tile and not too much at once. I did have a few bleed. But at 32 cents each, you have a lot of room for error =-) Good luck!

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Bee said...

Those look great! I was following the discussion on SCs about sealing or not selaing, so I tyhink I'll try to make them without sealing and see how that goes, since apparently sealing keeps them from absorbing moisture which apparently they're supposed to do...
I also want to try those but stamp on cork instead of tiles, that way no risk of my son breaking them!!! (though he might try to bite them...;-))

You are so good with all those holiday gifts, I admire your foresight!! I haven't done a thing yet!! *sigh*