Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Have you missed me? I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, its been busy...and I don't see it getting better before..oh February! That's OK, I'm really looking forward to the holidays and Halloween is fun! We had a little Halloween party this weekend, just got my best friend's family together to let the kids dress up and play! I made this very special treat for everyone:
I know what your thinking...ewwww! Kitty Litter! (OK, maybe you weren't thinking that, but I was!) But its not Kitty Litter, its a cake! And once you get past what it looks like, its actually not too bad! I found the recipe here. I'm telling you, you have to do this for your next Halloween party! The reaction to it is priceless and it is very easy to make. I just went to Wal-Mart and purchased a Kitty Litter Box and Scoop! I'm defiantly saving this for years to come! Sorry I don't have any cards or anything to add right now. I have been working on some Christmas Cards and will try to upload those over the weekend. I just really had to share this cake with you! My husband made fun of me because I put the Kitty poo a/k/a tootsie roll over the side...he said "What cat misses the litter box" and I replied the one that couldn't quite make it! Duh! Anyway, we had a great time! By the way, I made little Halloween bags for the kids, but I forgot to take a picture...sometimes I wonder about myself! I used the same concept as my holiday bag in the previous post, but used Halloween paper instead. Oh and I have my place cards done for Thanksgiving! Yay! Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!


Bee said...

OMG, that cake is horrendous!! Very realistic looking! Eeewwww... I don't know if I could go past the visual to actually take a bite... :-S

Sherri said...

LOLOL, too funny, especially with the "tootsie terd" hanging over the edge! I have to make one next year, the kids would love it! I'm just wondering how good it will taste..hehe! Luv ya!