Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little More convention and more swaps!

Are you tired of my convention and swap posts yet? I'm almost done!! Here are more general swaps. The first official day was a little hectic. It started out well enough, we had the general session which was quite, then we went to lunch. I had a couple of swaps that took most of my lunch time. Our first class was make and takes. Since it was my first convention I didn't really know what to expect. These make and takes were a little time consuming and we were unable to complete them all (at leas my group was unable too) but I did learn a few things and got a couple good ideas. We had a hard time getting to our next class (imagine several hundred people trying to get through a small hallway at the same time!) So after that day I felt a little bummed. I didn't really think things were going as well as I had hoped, I was tempted to not go to the awards night that night, but I decided if something cool happened and I wasn't there, I would be mad at myself! I'm so glad I went. It was very inspiring to see all these demos that have achieved so much! And the entertainment was AWESOME! The band was Tonic Sol Fa there website is here. If you get an opportunity to see them, go!!! They are very talented and funny. So after that I was happy! Friday was a less hectic day for me, not too many swaps, so I was able to enjoy my free time a little more. My upline and I both won a prize in the general session which was awesome! We won a die cut for the Sizzix machine! When Shelli announced this partnership, the excitement in the room was outstanding! And then she asked if we wanted prizes! When we saw our color band on the screen we looked at each other and started screaming and jumping up and down (which is what you are supposed to do!). Saturday was the last day! Time went by so fast. The closing session brought some sadness, but it also brought a lot of happiness! This was probably the best part of the whole convention! We had just finished watching a commercial with two Stampin' barbies who had a delivery from the UPS guy! (we all know how great that is!) I was sitting there thinking, OMG, they are going to start selling SU Barbies!!! (which I would totally buy!!!), but then you here a door bell. . . and a UPS man comes out on stage with a big box. Shelli asked him what he was doing and he said he had a delivery. She asked who the delivery was for, she knew some of the ladies and may be able to help him, and he said..I have a delivery for . . . EVERYONE! Talk about excitement! The crowd went so wild!!! Everyone was jumping up and down and screaming! Confetti was flying everywhere. They pushed a UPS truck out on the floor and a bunch of UPS workers jumped out and started handing out stamp sets! We got the new Say it With Scallops set that is the Ronald McDonald Set for this catalog (for every set sold $2 goes to the Ronald McDonald House). We were later told that UPS donated those sets to us! I guess we give them enough business. It was an awesome way to end an awesome experience! Although I missed my family for those few days I was gone, I really had a great time and I hope to go back next year. My fun wasn't over yet though! That night I attended an 80s party that included a fashion show for those who dressed up, 4 challenges and a shoebox swap. Although I was exhausted, I had a great time.

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