Monday, August 30, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I spent all day on the couch on Saturday under the weather and when I woke up on Sunday feeling better I decided I needed to stamp! My daughter thought that was a great idea so we went off to stamp together. She was having fun making cards for all her friends and I was having fun making gifts for my club members. We had an enjoyable morning! I'm glad we did this in the morning, because by the afternoon she was on the couch sick :(

Here is what she did:
She is learning how to write so she would ask me how to spell her friend's names. Aren't these so cute!

Mine aren't as cute, but it is my blog so I get to share :)

I made wish lists and little post it key chains for my new club members. The pens I purchased at convention. The directions for the post-it key chains can be found here. I used the new owl punch that I swore I would not purchase. Well, fortunately I saw the error in my ways and purchased it! That was a close call! LOL

I am so happy that my daughter loves stamping. I can't wait until she is old enough to scrapbook with me :) Actually, I take that back. I can wait. Time is going by too fast as it is!

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Ellen Pruett (aka Chipper) said...

I love that you let your baby girl stamp with you and yes, time is going by way to fast. I know what you mean!!

Love the "wish list" for your clubbers. Very cute!!