Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rag Quilt Purse

I am a purse freak! Really, ask my husband and he will tell you! I love purses. I swear I was born holding a purse! Anyway, imagine my delight when I realized I could combine two of my great loves . . . purses and Stampin' Up! Doesn't seem likely does it? Well that is what I thought until I saw what people were doing with fabric and their Big Shot Machine! Even though I found these creations all over the place, I never thought I could actually do it. I don't sew. I used a sewing machine once to make some VERY simple curtains and that was like 14 years ago! When I get a hole in clothing or a button falls off I throw it away! Anyway, in April I attended a Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar and got to hang out with some friends when I arrived! The plan was to hit a couple of scrapbook stores and quilt shops. While browsing the quilt shops I was talking to my friend Kim at Stichin n Stampin' about how much I love purses and I would love to make one of those Rag Quilt Purses that I see everywhere and she told me how easy it would be and gave me all kinds of advice on how to do it and what I would need to get started. I ended up buying some fabric. Upon returning home Kim was kind enough to send me some different varieties of batting to try! As usual, life got busy, the fabric began collecting dust and I didn't have hopes of ever getting to it! (I even talked my mom into giving me her old sewing machine that was collecting dust!) If you are still reading this, I bet you are wondering if I have a point, well I do :) Last weekend I decided to blow the dust off the fabric and sewing machine and make my first Rag Quilt Purse! As I said, I am not a sewer, so this took some trial and error and my sewing wasn't perfect, but, I love this purse!! I am using it and I have gotten more compliments on it than any other purse I've ever carried and I've only been carrying it for 3 days! So, you wanna see it???

What do you think? Pretty isn't it?! Of course purple is my favorite color. I watched the videos over at Chic' n Scratch and she does an awesome job of instructing you on how to make this!
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Kathy said...

LOVE your choice of fabric. Very cute!